Bitcoin BTC 48h forecast

The information presented on this site should not be used as a basis for investment decisions.
Bitcoin course history (delayed).

Course ratios and future estimates

The course forecast is based on the autonomous learning investment algorithm (ALIA). The forecasts (red and orange lines - results of the AB testing) are based on the calculated result and are derived from the non-BTC course related data points.

The enclosed figures have the following content:

a) BTC/USD course average within 6h, 12h, 18h, 24h, 36h and 48 hours.
b) BTC/USD course ratio as defined in ALIA algorithm. This describes the relative course change.
c) BTC/USD forecast (relative average) as defined in ALIA. The meaningful results are zero points, which in the best case, meet the zero points of the BTC/USD course ratio (item b), and the sign of the curve, ie. is the change trend upward (curve positive) or downward (curve negative).

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